Our journey

The vision for Culture Train was developed by Rosa Straw Rosa smiling delivering a presentation at Derby Museumsin 2011 who at that time was working as museum curator. A key aim was to create a non-profit company to develop new partnerships and projects across arts, heritage, and the wider third sector.

She was soon joined by Alan Foord a business contact andAlan photographed outside in Edinburgh chartered accountant. He brought finance expertise and a love of spreadsheets (and history) to match Rosa’s vision and scribbled mind maps. Culture Train was launched in 2012 with a £38,000 project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and a short-list for an East Midlands Heritage Award.

After 7 years and a range of projects, partnerships, and journeys Alan decided to move on and Culture Train welcomed James Light to the board. James has worked across the private sector and has set up a range of businesses although his heart is in literature and writing. He has a first class degree in literature from the Open University and a first class degree in history from the University of Sheffield. He brings business experience, a love of history, teaching and research skills.

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